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Hello! edit Please explain everything like I am 5.

How old are you? 24 Years

Are you employed/making income? How much? Military (2 years left)- about 20-30k a year

What are your objectives with this money? (buy a house? Retirement savings?) 100K from family loss, money went to us when he died. trying to gain money to put daughter through college/any type of income possible, weather its short term or long term. Whatever is best, I really don't know what I am doing

What is your risk tolerance? (Do you mind risking it at blackjack or do you need to know its 100% safe?) Would like to be 100% safe unless I am convinced otherwise

What are you current holdings? (Do you already have exposure to specific funds and sectors?) I really dont understand this question just have 100k not much college past high school.

Any other assets? House paid off? Cars? Expensive girlfriend? (not really an asset) Daughter,Wife,Car almost paid off 10k left. Currently in military housing so no house.

What is your time horizon? Do you need this money next month? Next 20yrs? I would guess anytime before the 100k gets used up. I am pretty good at saving money so within the next 10 years I would assume.

Any big debts? No debts. (10k Left on car payment)Still have my GI Bill/Tuition assistance for school.

Any other relevant financial information will be useful to give you a proper answer. Would like to get into stocks/investing just not sure how to start. money kind of just came into our laps and we are clueless.

Thanks for any comments! edit Please explain everything like I am 5

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