fucked up teen seeking advice.

I cant say I identify with your situation. But I can say what I would do; what i might strive for, if I looked to create a stable life. I'm guessing you are like 16/17. First of all stealing and lying may seem like good choices in the short term, but they ruin you in the long term. You describe your situation, and it's not good, you've got to plan for the long term. Being honest is important for your mental self. I remember finding out a friend of mine made a lot of small lies and it really hurt my trust and friendship. It's not worth it.

Look to find a menial (look we all had them, they are menial, but its part of life) part time job, the experience and money will help a lot. Care for yourself. Be healthy, be eager to learn. I'm not trying to sound like a stereotypical adult either, I'm in my 20s, and want super healthy all my life, but education is so key.

Just know you are not defined by your surroundings and you can forge your own path. Remove bad influences from your life. If that means saving up from a fast food job, and moving away to college or trade school, then do that. You seem to acknowledge that things are wrong, which is a huge. Work hard, be honest, and you will be fine.

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