Games not even out and the community is one of the most entitled I’ve seen.

Entitled? No one asked them to raise the price of video games to 80 dollars. So of course we will have higher standards in response. There are so many games coming out and they all cost the same, so why should we as customers pay the same price for games that are clearly inferior in quality and content?

Also, its very reasonable to be skeptical of a new IP from a very small and inexperienced studio. The criticisms of lax marketing and the terrible state in which the preview demo was in just a few months ago are all valid. People should be aware of what they are buying. The idea that you can sell a product on the internet without even informing the customer about what they are buying should be illegal. Pre orders are anti customer and all the negativity is well deserved. There is plenty of positivity as well, you have to learn how to take the bad with the good.

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