The Gay Agenda vs. AD&D

I understand this kind of blog post shows people what a swell guy the poster is

This is defined as virtue signaling. It's incredibly annoying to me.

I've played dnd with homosexuals, transgender people both male and female transitioned, etc. Nobody cares about this stuff in DND. One of my best DMs ever was transgender. There was never any "agenda" or silliness in the games, it was like playing with anyone else. I remember talking to some idiot on /r/dnd saying that "misogyny" and homophobia was a huge problem in DND circles and i've never seen that either.

The only person i've ever had that had a problem like this on a table of mine was some crazy woman that insisted our Adventure League store was misogynist because we gave her a pregen character when she was 5 minutes late and never seen her before. She wanted to make a character. Thankfully one of our coordinators (another woman) shut that down and we kept playing. Lady was continuing being a problem and so she was banned.

I've probably played in 100s of games with all kinds of different people and i've only had one problem in relation to this kind of things EVER.

I used to play wh40k and once I had a problem where a guy kept calling me a "faggot" and I told the store manager. He didn't kick the guy out so i left. Only incident ever playing that as well.

I think a lot of this shit is being blown up by the internet. I never see these so called "social justice warriors" or "alt-right" people causing problems. People obsessed with that stuff because of all the dumb videos they watch on the internet and hyped up news are annoying.

As a game master, I don't see a need to advance any agenda other than that of the BBEG.

Pretty much same here for me, though I might include real life elements like an occupation or terrorist organization but those have been a thing in DND campaigns since forever.

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