As a Bi guy, dating men is not only easier, but it is the main reason I resent women

Congratulations. You are a true bisexual. Furthermore, you are what is known as a straight-leaning bisexual. Haven't met many of these types, might be interesting to see what they are like.

Truth is that a lot of the men who claim to be bi are, yep, just gay men hiding under the label. Very common among young men 18-29 who are, yep, simply afraid to come out of the closet. There are also a few men who say they are bi who are really just straight. Just because you screw guys too doesn't mean you are bi.

Bisexual refers to sexual orientation or what turns you on. Behavior has nothing to do with it. And by that definition, there are way more straight men having sex with men than anyone wants to believe.

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