Advice on Upside Down Car Loan

I considered buying new, but the numbers I’ve crunched so far would exceed what I’m comfortable spending if I buy new and roll in the $6k. Even a new Tucson with AWD is going to be ~$35k with taxes and fees all in. Then add in the $6k and I find myself at ~$500/mo for 8 years. Then I have insurance on top of that.

This wouldn’t be a commitment or price I’m comfortable to signing into right yet.

I appreciate the thought, I’m just not at a point I want to buy new yet. I also won’t need this style of vehicle long term - the main purpose it serves is to transport both of our dogs (both 50+ lbs). However, one of our dogs is almost 14 and slowing down. After that, I’d prefer a small hatchback, like a Golf. When that time comes, I think I’d be much more prepared and willing to buy new.

Just wanted to share some context on that!

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