Goh has really taken a backseat as of late

About time but at the same time to it’s to late. So many good opportunities to make this Ash’s last big season grand we’re wasted on either Goh being put on a pedestal for the majority of JN. Hell half of the blame isn’t even on him, what with the writers insistence on shoving in those dumb filler/slapstick episodes, along with them skipping a lot of Ash’s past PWC matches to offscreen land

Now we’re at the M8 part of the PWC, and couldn’t be more disappointed. The same stagnant team Ash has had since episode fifty, with two fighting-types, two-dragon types, and No starters. Let’s not forget that in a lot of non-battle episodes, he only ever just brought Pikachu.

And what if Ash wins, they do much with him anymore after this. There’s no more room for anything new now.

Right now we are getting the bare minimum.

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