Will Liko’s Sprigatito evolve?

I think so.

Pikachu and Sprigatito operate in very different ways, to be clear. First, Pichu to Pikachu is a friendship evolution, and then Pikachu to Raichu is a stone evolution - that being the one that Pikachu was able to outright refuse on wanting to get stronger as a Pikachu.

I don't remember Ash's 1000+ episodes off the top of my head, but I don't remember any level evolution Pokemon (like Sprigatito) ever "refusing to evolve" or "willing themselves to stay un-evolved." (Basically the anime equivalent of hitting "B" to stop your Pokemon from evolving).

Plus, Liko seems to be a very big note-taker, and even Sprigatito was watching Nidothing's videos on type matchups with her. So, I imagine both of them (at least Liko) would understand that evolution is a very good option.

That being said, I wouldn't mind if Sprigatito stayed unevolved. He's a very cute Pokemon and her carrying him around as she does in Episode 2 is really adorable.

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