Grimes Genesis fanart [OC]

I found your comment more ironic, seeing as Grimes's definition of "feminism" doesn't mean men (and neon, I believe, is male, like myself and some of us here) or even other women (you may be female) get to police each other's personal choices that way while crying "feminism" as a justification to impose your own aesthetic and political priorities on others. This calls to mind the bullshit Grimes herself suffered early on the Visions era (before it became a hit and haters had to shut up) when one or two "feminists" (#NotAllFeminists okay! a very small percentage) accused her of not being sufficiently feminist because 1. she is/was beautiful and likes fashion which apparently wasn't allowed (some of her haters have been dealing with the trauma of this by pretending for four years that she isn't actually beautiful- lmao, good luck with that) 2. she was writing emotionally vulnerable love/sex related songs (apparently anyone committed to feminism isn't allowed to deal with sex in their art in an honest way- according to some stupid, but loud "feminists").

And now we have some fan art here, which (perhaps just for fun, as a fantastical superhero style embellishment) decides to show Claire with bigger curves than she actually has, which someone thinks the artist was wrong to do. Now first of all, the fact we are even discussing the size of her tits and ass here now, constitutes "objectifying" her, in a way rarely seen on this sub. for all its other flaws, this sub generally avoids discussion of her physical appearance (even in a more respectful, generalized way like just acknowledging she's hot), perhaps because so many men do post here, and we are ashamed of the kiss rapists and we look up to her, see ourselves as soldiers in her army and feel protective of her in a brotherly non sexualizing way- whether or not we personally find her attractive, we wouldn't want that to ever come before the music. what neon, a man who is actually likely to be middle aged, has done in attempting to "call out" this artist (quite likely to be a young teenage girl) for drawing Grimes that way, is actually introducing more of a Grimes-objectifying (and misogynist) vibe on this sub than the art itself ever could. I dunno about you but while I did notice the curvy proportions, I wasn't obsessing over the size of her ass in relation to the real Claire's ass until Neon pointed it out (at which point I did kinda go, hmm, that comic-Grimes has a nice ass, and I started thinking of whether the real Claire's ass was that "good" or not- so the objectifying of Claire occurred only once Neon raised it, because I honestly never think about her ass size, and whether it's conventionally attractive or not isn't my focus, I care about the music and the aesthetics she decides about how to present her art- not whatever body she was born in).

Anyway I just read that body shape as part of the language used in most comics, like the way when I see an indie/art movie that stars actors who are a bit more attractive than average, I don't cry "that's a FAKE indie movie, real people don't look like that, they just lost all their indie cred." there's a certain language most film uses, which often involves putting more charismatic and conventionally attractive than average people on the screen, or using makeup to make people look hotter than they are. (cause you know what- most of us, conventionally-seen-as hot or ugly or in between, enjoy looking at hot people, whether our tastes are avant garde/alternative or super mainstream.) that's maybe something that could be challenged. occasionally a director will intentionally cast not-conventionally-hot actors in lead roles, and very occasionally- usually more often with men, but occasionally even with women- such an actor will become a leading star and end up in some romantic (not just comedy for example) roles, and inevitably they will be talented and rich and famous and many people will start to see them as sexually desirable and then that will start to change the range of types of appearance that is considered beautiful, because a person in real life who resembles that actor will be considered hot too, while they might not have been before. that's cool, and the same could happen with music stars and even comic book art style renditions of music stars. for example, Kim K and especially Nicki Minaj are personally responsible for repopularizing very large posteriors within mainstream beauty standards- don't forget that the large ass is absolutely not a part of what was traditionally held to be beautiful by the western media for most of the past several hundred years, especially in the late 20th century. african americans, latin americans and many other societies (europeans in past centuries too) did appreciate large asses as beautiful (look at old european paintings!), but it hasn't been the dominant beauty standard in, say, white American culture or white Canadian culture (let alone white British culture) until recently in the past five to ten years. hell, asses' existence were barely even noticed in the US until J Lo got successful in the '90s (and hers wasn't huge, just classically proportioned, as opposed to '90s-supermodel-stick-thin). objectifying males before that were all about breasts, at least, only that kind of beauty was judged socially acceptable to talk about. so this idea that drawing Grimes with a big ass is somehow inherently a concession to convention is also wrong. maybe the artist is a 12 year old girl with a big ass herself, who is making a statement- by drawing her thin white idol grimes with a big ass- against how wafer-thin stick-women with no ass are often sexually idealized (a point Grimes herself has made- saying she feels ashamed how the random fact of her body proportions causes fashion designers to see her as an icon). who knows.

if a female fan of Grimes (OP may be female) wants to draw Grimes that way, I'm not sure there is any legit way a male fan of Grimes (or even a woman who is not Grimes herself) can argue that it is anti-feminist to draw her that way. I have no idea what Grimes would think of it, and nobody does, so we can't purport to speak for her until she makes her feelings clear. Actually it's anti-feminist for men or even women to use the banner of "feminism" to restrict what female artists can do artistically. This is exactly what Grimes as well as her idols Lana del Rey and Beyonce faces from some "feminist" critics, and Grimes has repeatedly spoken out at her disgust with that and sided with the definition of feminism that promotes freedom and equality for all women and doesn't try to say what women need to be like to be a "good feminist" or there is only one type of "feminist" appearance, character, sexuality, art, etc.

as a male I find that really shitty if males like neon (or myself if i was doing this- i'm not) are trying to define what is allowable artistic representation under feminism. the term "mansplaining" is wildly overused (not all men explaining anything is that) but it is a good term to describe a man telling women what is and isn't feminist- something he has no right to decide.

I think this may be why neon has no upvotes on that post, but I could be wrong. by the way, neon, I've grown to really like your posts overall because you always present interesting points of view and don't shy away from controversy. also you seem to be very good at following the latest grimes news/social media and posting it here in a playful yet mostly-respectful way. this post isn't meant as a personal attack on you. i could see myself making that same kind of post you've made at some other time. but if indeed you are male, I feel like this is the kind of situation where we need to "check our privilege" and refrain from making certain types of arguments. if this is an important issue for feminism, a woman will raise it. if not, it probably is just a 12 year old who is really talented and made some Grimes art she herself might even later look back on as juvenilia. think about how you would be affected by these kinds of complex politicized arguments if you are 12. there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer and Grimes herself, to the extent her position is known, takes the opposite position from you, neon, both about artistic freedom for all types of expressions- she supports it- and about ass size- where she is more concerned with the way she is fetishized because her SMALL THIN body fits 20th century white beauty norms, than the way the mainstream media now only very recently has begun fetishizing large asses, following black fashions. she might actually find it both aesthetically fun and politically progressive to see a Grimes comic book depiction with a big ass and actual tits. and I think she would certainly find it more progressive if her fans did not raise the subject of her ass and tits size on her subreddit, even under the banner of "feminism."

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