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If you like traditional, structured questing in the form of find quest giver>accept 5 quests>go to highlighted part of map and gather/kill XYZ>return to quest giver, then maybe not. GW2 open world PVE is less structured and more organic. You have a compass which directs you towards nearby map features and events, but you can turn that off and just do whatever. There are Hearts and Dynamic Events instead of quest givers. Hearts will pop up in the corner of your screen when you approach certain areas. Usually it's stuff to do to help the locals and generally functions to funnel players towards areas where dynamic events happen. Hearts can have you kill pirates or use experimental guns on imps or sometimes trivial things like collecting objects and feeding cows.

Dynamic events are usually more fun and can have different success or failure states. For example, in Diessa Plateau, there's a heart at a mill where you need to clear wasps, kill flame legion, and blow up stumps. While you're doing that, you'll probably see an event pop up. There are a few states the area can be in. The flame legion can destroy and occupy the mill, giving an event to clear them out and secure the area. After that, you'll have an event to collect scrap and kill more flame legion so the mill can be rebuilt. Once the mill is operational, there will be a few Charr there with a few other events to help them out. Once you progress through those events, they lead an attack on a nearby flame legion base. At the end of that event chain, a portal opens up allowing you access to an otherwise inaccessible underwater puzzle.

Not all events are as in depth as that, but many events will be tied to something else in the area, this just felt like a good example. Getting lost and running into spontaneous events and chains like this is probably the strong point of GW2 PVE. There are also dungeons and fractals for more challenging party content.

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