Do you guys know the psychology behind people who runs it down mid?

i usually dont give a shit about people who runs it mid.if i did i wouldnt be playing an online game id play stardew valley or something.but this time it was different. i dont just duo with anyone,i dont just spam rank whenever,its stressful af

whats the psychology behind this? asking bec now it got me curious,bec someone i thought was chill did it. i wouldnt go out of my way to add a random as a friend so he can int with the rest of the inters in duo queue.

i didnt have time to process my feelings. just because its a game doesnt mean peoples actions or words cant ever upset me maybe youre immune to it but not me.

how can a normal dude suddenly act like this? im curious. if i understand the phsycology behind it maybe id still keep playing w him or maybe never again idk i just need to understand maybe i can meet him halfway like ok u start inting when this happens ok when it happens then we quit playing

never in my league career. bec i havent so i don't understand why or how people do this i needed people who have done this or have dealt with this to share their experience.

lot of people who have similar response as yours say who cares its a game noone cares. with random people in soloq? yes totally idgaf at all about the reasons why they do the things they do what's important is i win. but why does it bother me when its a duo partner? simple, i duo with someone who is sane so instead of dealing with 4 inters and flamers, i only have to deal with 3, and it's reassuring to know that me trying hard isnt futile bec theres atleast one person whos on the same page as me, eventho the random 3 people dont deserve the carry i wil still do my best they may give up because they cant handle the mental stress and the fact that they lost their lane but i wont,as long as my duo partner is trying as hard as i am.

sorry if its too mushy of a topic for you i understand some people who plays games just play them just because and their feelings are never affected by anything but not me i get upset,disappointed,when people on my friend list do or say certain things. and im sort of willing to work on that depending on the reasoing behind their actions. maybe i should just delete people instantly whenever they act like certain way or maybe not add friends at all just play soloq with randoms and never have any feelings toward people or this game in general but i dont think im the type. i wish i can be just like you tbh i dont like giving a fuck but i do its a shame i know.

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