I have had enough. America is a Christian Nation

The notion that someone who disagrees with you is a bigot, prejudice, etc. is the all to often the common cry of those whose position has no merit of its own. You cannot have "mutual" respect fostered in a society when you are not willing to reciprocate the very thing you demand of others. And with all due respect, everything you that you said is the very definition of hypocrisy and blatantly demonstrates the very bigotry you wrongfully accuse another of.

Freedom ceases to be free when we are fored to embrace someone elses views, religious or otherwise. The fact that this nations people have long stood, endeavoring to respect each others views and their rights to them is the reason this great democracy has stood longer than any other. And this conduct of force is the very thing that threatens to destroy it.

If you would have me respect your position, do not trample mine or anyone elses. That is what this constitution was at its outset designed to protect against. No judge, lawyer, politician, etc. driven by their own agenda will take that away from us for long. This IS America. The same spirit that inspired our fathers and mothers to give their all is alive and well. And it will not take much more before we clean up the mess those who are selfish and one sided (read uncivilized) have made. 2016 will be our new 1776 if it needs to be.

We are told that we don't care when we attempt to respect others views. (The very thing that testifies that we do.) But political correctness has become morally wrong. And that I cannot abide.

Americans don't roll over and ignore the very principles the made this nation great. And we will certainly not ignore the very God who gave us all that we hold dear.

You want me to respect your view. Try respecting that.

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