Forbes: 'Halo Infinite' Might Be Throwing The Worst Live Event I've Ever Seen

Maybe its just the state of current games where I feel entitled to something?

Nope, they just fucked up the obvious. All the psychology of rewards, engagement, progression in gaming is known for years. The industry knows how to milk their customers with FOMO, they know how to up the engagement with a bit more or a bit more often rewards etc.

An example from another game: as I played Hearthstone, they introduced their battlepass system a while ago. The problem was the same, too little rewards and too far spread. A couple of weeks later they patched the system, doubled the pass levels, halfed the rewards and made some of them a bit better. That's it, everyone was happy after that, the progression speed until the highest level didn't changed at all. It's that simple sometimes.

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