Does dating a 23 years old at 32 makes me a creep?

No. The only people who have issues with it are also people who are too afraid to go out and do stuff on their own. They need everything to be exactly within parameters otherwise they'll shit all over it so they feel better about themselves. And Twitter is the #1 place where these bitter sad people congregate.

I was dating a 23 year old when I was 30. Got so much shit about "diFfErEnT sTaGe iN lIFe", "pOweR dyNaMiCS".

we literally met at the same stage of our lives... she was in her 3rd year of working and so was i... (she finished undergrad and i finished my grad). so not "different stage in life".

"pOwEr dYnAmICs" implies i was taking advantage of her. considering how i was the socially awkward nerd in school and only dated like 3 girls up til then... and she was the popular girl in school and dated like 20 guys before me... i'm not sure how i would possible take advantage of her.

people are just tiring.

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