He got that dawg in him

It's hilarious that you think that, but yeah, students in Ivy League schools, in prestigious State colleges, in the States, in all of Europe, China - everyone gets away with it, all the goddamn time. Not only because they have the resources (it's infinitely more difficult to do that in community college, considering the demographics in particular, not only because "phoning it in" and cheating are borderline accepted all across the board, simply because good numbers still play in favor of your school. And plenty of departments bitterly depend on funds, which, in more reasonable countries that are not the US, is intricately (but not exclusively) linked to students performing well.

And if you've got the money, four days is nothing. Winging it requires some minimal effort, if you're straight dumb, family money still gets you your education if you manage to cheat yourself through.


maybe if you are in an American community College or something, where classes are the same as they were in high school, not just lectures

I was kidding with not having attended university at first, but now I'm highly skeptical of your claim actual - that's not how community works, unless you take the show Community as a reference for how you think CC works. Community college, technical universities, Fachhochschulen... they all cover the gamut of college experiences you could have, depending mostly on your subjects and course load, not on the particular type of university you're attending.

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