He’s really a good man at heart

well you probably know how Ganyu and Hu tao are the best 2 dps in the game rn

now tho Hu tao is on par with Ganyu in terms of dmg numbers she does not relies on elemental skill or burst unlike most of the dps characters in the game which give her a huge advantage of just spamming charged attacks and she can do like above 100K dmg in a span of 10s.

i think ppl underestimated Ganyu because of the whole “Cryo amber” bs,and later had the sudden realization she’ll probably be the biggest mistake of mihoyo forever.idk about Hu tao but i did see some idiots on discord saying “she’s not worth pulling for unless you’ve got Homa” but i think ppl did realized Hu tao is one solid dps and also the first character to officially powercreep diluc (btw i think klee still is only diluc lvl strong,if both are used with their best reaction comps)

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