Help me decide: School X vs School Y: week of March 30th

Umass Amherst vs BU vs RIT vs Northeastern, WPI vs CMRU

Some background info: I'm a first-gen Asian-American male (if that matters). I'm planning on pursuing either mechanical engineering or computer science, though I'm not sure on which one. Engineering appeals to me since I'm into physics and math and I like building things (did mechanical work on robotics team for 2 years) while the one thing I have going for comp sci is that I'm taking an introductory Python class in school that I find really fun. If I could, I would double major with both, but that honestly doesn't seem too feasible given the workload of both studies. I grew up near Boston, but I don't really have a preference for being near the city or not. Because of price, I'm currently leaning towards BU and Umass, but I'm still open to my other options.

Boston University *Accepted into Mechanical Engineering (Will probably minor in computer science) *Cost: 16k per year Pros: *Good engineering program *Diverse *Prestige (?) Cons: *Not sure how I feel about the campus being a street *Known for grade deflation (?) *Lack of school spirit (from what I heard)

UMass Amherst

*Accepted into Computer Science Exploratory Track (would probably minor or double-major in physics)

*Cost: 13k per year



*Great food

*Top CS program

*Student life (from what I've heard)

*Cheapest option


*(Lack of) prestige

*Was never able to visit

*Mediocre (?) engineering program (if I decide to switch)


*Accepted into Computer Science

*Cost: 19k per year

*Not sure how I feel about Co-Op (might impact student life)


*Good CS program (?)

*Has an accelerated double-degree masters program I can apply for (not guaranteed of course)

*Pictures of campus looks cool


*(Lack of) prestige

*Male-Female ratio

*Never visited


Case Western

*Accepted Computer Science

*Cost: 20k per year


*Prestige (?)

*Good engineering program (if I decide to switch)


*Smaller student body



*Never visited

*Mediocre computer science program (?)


*Accepted into mechanical engineering in the NU.IN Program (would probably minor in computer science)

*Cost: 70k per year

*Again, not sure how I feel about Co-Op



*Great engineering program and top computer science program

*I've visited and liked the campus


*I'd have to study abroad first semester

  • E X P E N S I V E A F


*Accepted into Computer Science

*Cost: 40k per year


*Good engineering and computer science programs

*I've visited and don't mind the campus

*Smaller campus


*Pretty expensive

*Male-Female ratio

*Not sure I like Worcester

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