[Hiring] Basic Video Editor

What I need right now is actually a project for a university class. I can do a power-pooint presentation but this prof is fairly easy to impress and if I do a video project I'd ace the class.

I would provide all the info/research and tell you exactly what I want. So your role would be to MAKE the video. I don't personally think this is unethical because I'd be doing the research/info and directing you to do the things I'm incapable of doing with video editing.

for someone who knows how to do even basic and crude video editing this would be easy, but I have no idea how to do any of that.....

it needs to be multimedia/video project about the "arab spring" and I wanna do somethig super crude like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqOdG9RygNw

and with an intro kinda like this: https://youtu.be/EAuxNXmAbyY?t=12

just a compilation of clips, simple animation like an arrow or line going from country to country, social media icons and posts flying around, etc.

I'd be willing to negotiate and pay what you think is fair since I want this to be a good assignment and a good experience between both of us that is mutually beneficial.

are you interested? if so, let me know.

the video would be probably around 5 minutes long?

how much would you charge?

thanks, cheers!

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