Historical context for "Baby It's Cold Outside" and why it is not relevant to rape culture

ok, give me a source for that historical context. nobody has been able to actually point me to actual history, literature or whatever that back up the statements made. "oh, when the people are talking about drinks and she says the drink is strong... well that is just a joke, it doesn't mean the drink is strong, there actually is no alcohol at all in the drink". that sounds like bull.

In the notation of the music, it calls the "guy's" role the "wolf". The wolf idea for men is a more predatory view. a good example is "red hot riding hood" the tex avery cartoon, which also came out in the 40's.

in the cartoon, the wolf is acting in a pushy way to a seductive dancer. She keeps brushing him off. Does this mean that she actually wanted him? There is also the "Swing shift cinderella", which follows the same thing. Sometimes a person plays "hard to get", sometimes they are just not interested. So in those cartoons, the wolf is supposed to be pushy and red/cinderella was just stringing out the courting game?

wait, how does my comment buy into the idea of women not wanting sex? Going to a dude's pad does show some interest but come on, "if she didn't want to have sex with him she would have never went back to his place"? There is a difference between having an interest in possibly doing something vs totally wanting to do something.

She is debating with herself whether to stay or not. The guy is pointing out reasons why she could stay. He isn't really saying what he is saying for her benefit but for his.

The funny thing man, I didn't say this song was rapey, part of rape culture or anything else. I actually like the song. I just wanted to know if there was an actual "historical context" and not just "I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time" history. Like comments by the writers of the song, or analysis of it during the time period. I also find the dude pushy and unhelpful, like if lines like, "My car is buried" or "the sidewalk it iced over"... it is just, "no taxis are coming and you will die if you leave"

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