Hoarder gets masks taken away by FBI

The same rules naturally won't apply to a corporation running a chain of hospitals that will charge hundreds of dollars each for an antibody test during a pandemic, and 'triage' means people with more money get better treatment.

Watching this video where these keystone cops lazily throwing around packages of medical supplies and dropping them is a bit sickening, too.

Selling twenty cent masks at twenty one and a half cents. Sounds like he was dragged into an 'interview' and cajoled and coerced into making those 'false statements' that he is accused of. Well, better than other countries where he'd just be brutally tortured into 'confession'.

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Certainly a preview of what's to come in future 'emergencies', where the authorities 'discover' that you prepared for contingencies and are selling at a fair and reasonable price, but some connected individual doesn't like your low prices competing with their own price gouging.

Follow the money. What happenes to these supplies after the FBI grabbed them? Just thrown into an evidence locker and forgotten? I'm fairly certain the supplies that were seized will be resold by someone else for a far greater profit (whether financial or political), since this is straight up abuse asset forfeiture laws. I hope this guy wins billions in court, but he'll probably be bankrupted and unable to afford justice in the USA.

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