How have Barca and Real scored this season? Interesting infographic in honor of El Clásico

"We play each match as if the league finished tomorrow"

In the same day Del Bosque forgot him for Spain's meetings with Ukraine and the Netherlands, Dani Parejo drowned his sorrows by having one of his best matches this season. The captain of Valencia, like his team, is in great form. He and Valencia razed Elche and can now ambush one of the top two teams, now that Barça and Madrid play their second leg of the Clásico. Parejo, however, preaches caution. Valencia's objective "for now" is to reach a place in the Champion's League. If they dream of more, it will be if and only when they get that opportunity in the final stretch.

Q: You lot say you control the euphoria, but how do you control the euphoria of thousands and thousands of fans, followers, and dreamers in this great moment for Valencia?

A: We are conscious of the fact that we can't stop the euphoria that exists around the team. This year is turning out to be very special. The people have been with the team since the beginning and we're responding well. We feel better, and better each time. Against Elche we had a complicated match. We've seen a very ambitious Valencia and we want to thank all the fans who travelled all the way to Elche. They helped us a lot. It's incredible that 3000 people travelled to watch us. Thank you.

Q: You finally cured that bug of not being able to win away from home.

A: Right now we're on a very good streak, and we have an incredible dynamic, we need to keep it up like this, as if the league finished tomorrow. We end another week of meeting our objectives, let's see how our rivals respond.

Q: You looked very comfortable in the Martínez Valero (Elche stadium), like in your best evenings

A: Yes, I felt good and I am happy. Even with the nil-nil the team looked very comfortable, controlling the match and creating clear chances on goal. We were able to go ahead at any moment. We were owners of the match. Following the second goal, we were very superior and dominated the match. We were very ambitious because even with the 0-2 we looked for the third, and then the fourth.

***Q: Are you angry because Del Bosque didn't call you up

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