How can I get a 36 with 10 days of preparation?

Ok, so I don't know if it's just me but I see a ton of things that are wrong with this post. You first say you want to know how to get a 36. Ok, that's understandable, studying for standardized tests can be challenging and a lot of people don't know where to start. You then say that you only have 10 days to prepare and that this is your last test. That's...concerning, but again understandable, given that you decided to switch formats.

However, you then go on to say that you are only planning on doing 1 hour of studying a day, and worse are only planning on taking one practice test, and that's if you have time. Do you realize how unreasonable of a goal that is given your plan? I'm sorry if this seems offensive, understand that I was in a similar position to you, but unless you're suddenly going to become a genius in the next 10 days then you need to actually work really hard if you want to achieve something like that. The ACT is certainly easier for some students but it doesn't mean they can waltz in with a few hours of studying + one possible practice test under their belt and expect their score to dramatically improve from the SAT equivalent. The tests are still pretty similar in terms of content and the critical thinking they want from you, the general format and expected time-per question is just different.

My advice? Take one practice test everyday between now and the day before the test. Take the time to score the test and understand why you got each question wrong (the only real and most benefical way to study, in my opinion). I was in the exact same position as you, with the exact same score, and that's what I did to get a 35. It sucked and took a lot of time, but looking back I'm really glad I did it.

Really, it's up to you though. If you really want a 36, you'll do the practice tests. If you don't, then you might still get one, but I will say that it's a whole lot less likely to happen.

If you really want a 34/35/36, you'll follow

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