How diverse is the meta atm?

You're really slippery on this particular subject, but I am determined to hammer down some specific understanding of what is being discussed. If we are talking at 'cross purposes', then I have no idea what point you are trying to make.

You build a deck, and you put cards in it. Let's say you are not Andromeda. You see 5 of those cards, and certain things need to happen: You need money, you need a way to get through ice, you need a way to get cards that get through ice, you need to keep getting cards, you need utility cards for safety or redundancy, etc. etc. You can spend clicks to typically do any of these things at some trade-off.

In Shaper, you have good draw and tutor/fetch cards. You have a great money engine that you can fetch or draw. You have pretty good breakers. You have good utility hardware.

In Anarch you have little to no tutoring/fetching, good breakers, amazing utility, weak draw, and weak to fair economy.

In criminal you have powerful run events, weak to fair breakers, fair utility, and decent econ (desperado, security testing).

You need to see a consistent diversity of these cards, or sometimes a concentrated body of these cards, depending on your opponent. You shuffle the deck, you get whatever 5 you end up with, and everything after that is fairly random as to what you draw. My crappy runner at ChiLo, basically 50% of draws ended up just being dead draws for me, even if my starting 5 were amazing. My deck was not consistent for what it needed to do.

Andromeda can see 18 total cards with a mulligan, before starting her first turn. No other identity can leverage that kind of starting power before turn 1 click 1. On top of that, the influence use and construction of this deck allow for the most efficient use of those first 4 clicks as possible. Potentially afterwards, on any given successful run, Andy can: Gain a datasucker, draw a card, gain 1-3 credits, and maybe see an agenda - all for one lousy run. The early consistency increases the chances of mid game advantage, and mid game advantage raises the chances of late game advantages.

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