[TW: Facebook] The infection has spread to my own family.

Noble goals are fucking worthless. Every day I have a goal to end world hunger, cancer and poverty but never once have I done shit to get that accomplished.

The KKK's goal is love and protection of their familys, solidarity of the white race and through nonviolent means. Seems pretty noble to me, too bad they're a bunch of negro lynching, minority hating, cross burning rednecks.

The Nazi's were all about love for ones country, love for your countrymen, raising their country to a level of self sufficiency, and ultimately to become the best in the world...but they killed 6 million Jews in the meantime and plunged the world into bloody chaos.

See what I'm getting at? All very nice goals and ideals, yet without good and moral execution of those goals....you can turn into one of the most hateful groups in modern history.

Social Justice Warriors are RACISTS. That's all they are. They may have started out seeking equality, but soon the ideals get warped and twisted and they end up oppressing and censoring groups of people that they deem worthless. Just like any other racist organization ever to exist. But the one key fucking difference is. The KKK, Nazi's, etc... admit that they are bigots, while SJW's pretend they aren't.

These fucking people go as far as to try to change the definition of the word racism so that they can lie to themselves and everyone else and deny the fact that they are bigoted, sexist, racists. They manipulate the media into censoring their hypocritical ideology, and they don't even realize they are doing it. A lot of the "modern feminists" of tumblr and gender studies classrooms nationwide have grown up to be journalists for both clickbait and respected publications alike. Through networking(nepotism) they have gotten their friends jobs at these places. And they all share the same fucked up views and mold the media into their ideals. They don't even realize that it's propaganda and censorship because they so strongly believe in their noble goals.

SJW's have the same types of goals as racists, use the same tactics, and hold to the same ideology...but have deluded themselves into thinking that they are not racists. That makes them hypocrites. That is why I prefer racists to SJW's. At least racists are honest.

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