how much do they pay to buy your notes in pulchowk?

You are “nobody” to them. So why would they trust your notes are any good and actually worth reading.

you should see most of their notes. they are so badly written, worse as fuck and not from pulchowk students as well, still they accept those notes.

We get Cambridge and other officials books photocopied with 2 Rs per page, are you really that optimistic.

As I said piracy doesn't matter to me once I sell the rights to distributor.

imo you have two options Either publish them for free for limited time, make yourself credible then you can charge.

This doesn't work..never works.

Setup a normal Wordpress site and cross your fingers you’ll get traffic. Learn SEO optimization if you chose to do this.

No way I will share these for free when there are lots of sites online who buy notes. I am trying to sell the copyright rather than getting dollar per sold. If I can't sell its copyright, I will make a website/app which is premium 2$ and 5$ cost...and provide contents in form of a edtech feeling with beautiful latex writing. I need to hire latex writer for that though.

I could give them for free via my site, but that seems unprofitable to my end. Hosting cost and web site domain cost cost you 50$ if you take the bare minimum. I will be making just 1$ per month even if I get 1000 views lol.

I think I will go with premium app. At least even out of 100 students I can make solid 200$+ per year. If I add more subjects, the rate shall increase as well.

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