How to prepare for a natural gas shortage

Well, what's wrong with space heaters? If you don't have one but have an electric oven, that can warm up the house pretty quick, too.

Portable propane heaters are actually quite powerful and can likely keep the house above freezing. But, you need a good amount of propane to keep them running, a 15 lbs propane tank or so.

Making sure your house is well-insulated can make your life easier. Draping windows with Mylar blankets can reduce losses in a pinch, too.

Even if your house gets very cold, you are shielded from elements, so if you have weather-appropriate clothing and plenty of blankets or some sleeping bags, you should be fine. Pipes are a different story. But not the end of the world (just be there when they thaw, or shut off water beforehand; or better yet, when situation seems hopeless, shut off water proactively and then drain the system).

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