Desperate need of advice. Found out that dad was sexually assaulting my sister around 10-15 years ago and he’s also cheating on my mom. Mom wants me to act like nothing happened and be normal with him.

20 year old prostitute. My mom was extremely angry and we had very long conversations about what she should do. Then she would start worrying about what he would do if she left him and how it would affect my sister and I. She isn’t as worried about me as I’ve got a good job and I’m self sufficient + I live in a first world country and life is easier for me. She’s more worried about him cutting my sister off financially as she is having money problems and has two young children (one of which is a girl and my sister has told me that she will never leave him alone with her).

My mom might be able to find a job but she’s getting old and it won’t be enough to support her. I think if my sister and her husband move to where I am and we all work we could definitely support my mom. I’ll just have to keep trying to get them to move.

I think both my mom and sister will feel guilty for leaving my dad though. I have no idea how or why... I think the years of manipulation and emotional abuse has made them depend on him too much. Also, I think my mom is scared of my dad, she’s never said that he ever physically abused her but I just feel like shed never confront him about anything because of fear.

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