How Secure Is Two-Factor Authentication?

If you think about other security, i.e. your personal/home security, people take many measures. For example, you try to buy/rent a house in a relatively safe neighbourhood. You put at least one good quality lock on all exterior doors, sometimes two locks (a knob lock and bolt lock). You maybe have a burglar alarm system, a fire alarm, a carbon monoxide detector. Some households also have security cameras installed too. House/property insurance to insure damaged or stolen property. With our lives becoming more deeply embedded in technology and the internet we need to become more concerned with cyber security. So, why not add a few layers of security to your digital self? Protect your personal laptop/computer, mobile phone, social media accounts, bank accounts, and most importantly, your cryptocurrency. Typically, an account you have is associated with a username, account name, or email. This can be public knowledge, or private, it doesn’t really matter. For most cryptocurrency exchanges it is an email or username. Then, you use a password to login to your account. Simple and straightforward. Ensure that your password is sufficiently long and complicated for added security. But what if your password is compromised, stolen or guessed (either an educated guess or brute force trial and error)? You’re out of luck. I wish there was a second layer of security for crypto exchange account login! Oh, wait…There are many ways and layers to keeping your cryptocurrency secure, and 2-factor authentication is one of them.

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