How do y’all feel about delivery drivers that sit in their car and not help with large grocery orders?

It’s against policy at our store. In fact the dispensers will tell you NO when we ask to help them load in rain, 100 degree weather, frigid temps.

They’ve also said how annoyed they get when customers/drivers alike get out of their car and help load. They said they get in the way and it slows them down.

Oh, again, it’s against policy here. This store follows policy and has a very efficiently ran OGP! Cars are never waiting 5 minutes for the order to at least be wheeled out.

Maybe be more efficient and you won’t need help? Are you helping drivers carry all the waters/drinks and groceries up apartment stairs, across ice, down muddy driveways, in the hood, in the middle of nowhere, using their gas, and dealing with customers in our ears as soon as we arrive who sometimes get upset at DRIVERS for what the pickers did or didn’t do with their substitutions?

With all do respect, maybe see the bigger picture? I love our OGP; there’s a mutual respect between them, drivers, and OGP manager.

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