Ideas for Mixplay interaction?

Allen, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but you should at least have the decency to give credit to the inventor whose inventions you intend to steal. First, as you are well aware, there is already a streamer who has created this exact system (Ray Benefield), and anyone can see it for themselves at . Ray is a high-level software architect and he created this system on his own. This isn't just "something [you] saw on mixer" as Ray is the only one who has created this system so far, and you know it (for those who are unaware, Allen literally does know this as he has spoken to us directly about it). You also know that you were not the one who "figured out" that comparing the last three digits of game ids was the "best way" to know if you are in the same game; that was part of Ray's system from the start (and he got that idea from pro scrims, which you would know if you had indeed "figured it out" yourself). Your system was originally to have your audience thank the bus driver as a means of tracking who was in your game. After you saw Ray's system, that's when you started comparing the 3 digits of game ids.

As you know, Ray has mentioned that he may release his system in the future to other streamers and potentially monetize the system he created, and he has already reached out to Mixer to ask them about how their system might allow sharing code in the future. You have admitted straight up, live on stream even, that you sit and watch Ray's stream all day while you are at work, and steal whatever you want to from him for your stream. You repeat his exact scripts verbatim, you tell everyone you're going to build a system "exactly like Ray's," (which you then failed to do on your own), and even your channel description sounds like a carbon copy of what Ray and I have both said on stream about the community we are creating. You consistently take his ideas and then do not give him proper credit, and even talk him down when you're called out for it, acting as though his ideas are easy to come by - although you obviously can't come up with them on your own. Ray came up with every idea that you stole from him, and you will always be playing catch up if you continue to act like this.

If you want to ask people for help copying Ray's system, at least tell them you're asking them to steal a system that is part of someone else's livelihood. Tell them about the person you are copying who came up with every detail of this system on his own, and do not pretend this is your idea.

Allen, despite your overt attempts to copy him, Ray has actually been very supportive of you in the past. And some degree of sharing and copying is actually welcomed by us, as we want mixer to grow as a platform, and we like to collaborate with others. We also understand that any creative work usually is derivative (on some level) of previously existing works. But Allen, you don't just copy one or two things from Ray's stream, you literally try to copy every innovative thing he does without giving him proper credit, and now you're soliciting help to copy his code as well. You seem to be getting increasingly bold about this and so I have to speak up. If you're going to be sharing Ray's ideas in public as though they are not his, and encouraging other people to copy them and steal them as well, I'm going to inform them that what you are doing is not welcome and not right. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you're demonstrating more and more that you are not to be trusted.

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