Men may not ‘perceive’ domestic tasks as needing doing in the same way as women, philosophers argue

I sweep and vacuum a lot more than I used to since we got a little dust buster thing. Super handy to grab instead of the whole damn vacuum.

I wipe the counter tops often too because my family is just apparently incapable of seeing spills and crumbs. Or rather, I have to deal with that right away because it's small and simple to fix, rather than letting it sit there for hours and adhering to the counter top. My SO claims they do it more often, which I'm not sure who does tbh. But I think what it really is, is that my SO announces that they do it more often where as I don't say anything. This follows the rest of the house hold chores too. I don't announce I'm cleaning or say I'm exhausted from all the cleaning. I just do it. But at the end of the day my SO will definitely make it a point for me to acknowledge, which I think is where a lot of contention comes from.

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