Do you think CFAI is eroding the value of the designation?

I'm slowly moving to IT for this reason. The parasitic and disingenuous nature of being an advisor made me return to the back office. It's really eye opening seeing a bunch of ex Goldman boomer guys as heads of different departments, that don't know how to use Excel, and whose presentations is them regurgitating something cooked up by the analysts. The guy in charge of Mutual Fund negotiations failed the SIE about 6 times (this is an exam interns take with about 5 days of study btw). BUT his dad is a politician and he's genuinely valuable to the firm simply by the contacts he has. If you're a good salesman (or have connections) with little moral quandaries, this is an excellent job. If not, you're better off elsewhere that has less hours, competition and a better work life balance. Get ready to explain what a bond is to an ex athlete with perfect GPA from a "good" university, but who still doesn't know what a normal distribution is.

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