ELI5: Why does chocolate melt faster if it's been refrigerated?

Alright, i'll try my hand and the simple explanation. Imagine chocolate melting is basically a toddler trying to sleep.

Well the chocolate bought from stores isn't ready to sleep, cause chocolate companies gave it a a nice long nap and then when it woke up, they gave it candy. That fucker is bouncing off the walls. This is called tempering.

So whatever, you do something to force the hyper toddler asleep. When it wakes up, (i.e. Refrigerate/freeze the bar) maybe it'll actually sleep at a more normal now.

But now a second toddler straight out of the candy company will be bouncing off the walls again tonight, and will take longer to sleep (melt) than the other one that already melted.

Basically, melted and refreezed candy company chocolate bars dont melt faster, they melt at a normal rate. Candy company candy just melts slower.

This took me longer than I'd like to admit.

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