If you run 3 OSA & 3 Acrobat or 4 OSA you must

That’s why I said same formation, not same play on offense. Gun bunch has a ton of plays, but it can get old playing someone sitting in bunch all game. Heck, even with HRM I can make the same play something different every time, but again, kinda dull in the same formation for an entire game. Similar to facing someone who is in a cover 2 with their sub LB middle third’d and putting different zone depths on the outside.

Not saying it’s scummy, just that it can feel repetitive too.

But I get it, you aren’t there to let your opponent have a good time, you’re there to let yourself have a good time.

Just find it interesting how much we all piss each other off. It can be seriously infuriating, but we all get pissed for different reasons, lol.

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