I'm thinking about offing myself tomorrow.AMA

I don't think suicide is what you need. I think you need to start over. Do you have family in another state/far away from where your current situation is? I'd suggest at least giving it a shot and trying to live somewhere else. Be open with whoever you'll go stay with as to why you want to move (you can't stand anyone you're currently around, you feel suicidal, you need a change in your life before you do something drastic).

As someone who joined the military and moved halfway across the country, it's crazy how much perspective changes when those people are out of your life. You get a chance to meet new people, make friends with new people. You don't even have to change yourself - that's pretty hard - but you'll have the chance to find people who don't know your past and won't judge you based on it.

Ending your life is definitely one way out, and there's obviously no way I can stop you, but this is another way out. I know it's hard to understand, but at 16 your world seems so narrow. You need to open it up and realize that the other 16 year olds who are treating you this way aren't all the world has to offer.

I'd suggest to changing your suicide notes to just a summary of what all led you to decide to move away. Either your parents/friends/etc will understand and want to make things right, or they'll just assume you're a hormonal 16yo and write you off. Either way, the ball is in their court to make the relationship better or not. You shouldn't care either way. Life is all about #1, and if they don't take you seriously, find someone who will.

Again, I obviously can't stop you or anything so I'm not saying this for anyone's sake but your own. At least try. You owe it to yourself for putting up with all of this shit - you deserve happiness just as much as the people who put you through this. Instead of making them feel like they won by killing yourself, make them feel like they had no effect on you by starting over and being happy.

Good luck.

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