Important discussion regarding world reset!

Rule suggestions regarding farms:

  • gold farms: in the newest version of minecraft the dark oak through bedrock trick doesnt work anymore. So basically you can't build above bedrock in the nether. So building a gold farm similar to the one we currently have would probably take triple the time, because even if you found a lava lake you would still have to remove / slab a huuuuge area to make it somewhat effective. So we can obviously still disallow gold farms, but it's probably not necessary, since the effort to build one is very high.
  • iron farms: my suggestion here would be to allow 1 iron farm (with 1 village) per player. No public iron farms and no farms with more than 1 village. From my judgement that still produces a sufficient amount and won't lag the server. It's still a very big effort to build.

  • hostile mob farms: no public hostile mob farms. Private hostile mob farms are allowed, but no floating sky thingies, since we don't want 15 floating sky mob farms.

  • passive mob farms: no public passive mob farms. We obviously have to limit the mobs per player though (looking at you jalk :D ), since it will lag the server otherwise.

  • vegetable farms (melon, pumpkin, wheat, potatoe, carrot, sugarcane): no public farms, unlimited for personal use. just make sure you include some sort of overflow protection in your system

  • enderman farms: I think this almost has to be public, because all farm designs require you to branch out in a direction from the island. So multiple farms would interfere with each other. Also the enderman farm isnt too op (at least the design I used), because its not afk'able. I think we won't defeat the enderdragon before 2-3 weeks into the fresh world, so by then its okay to have a non-afk'able xp / enderpearl farm I think. Enderpearls aren't too abusive either imo (need good gear to spam them anyway)

  • witch farms: not publicly allowed. if you find a witch hut, mark it with a sign and do a screenshot or something (to prove you found it). maybe allow a deal between the person who found it and (in case the person who found it doesnt want to build a farm) someone who wants to build a witch farm. So those 2 can share the loot.

I hope I didnt forget any farms. These are my suggestions, feel free to suggest changes and additions!

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