Iphone Xs stutter while scrolling

My iPhone is a gold XS Max 500GB and from the time I bought it (11 months ago), I wanted a refund because there were so many things I felt wrong with it.

I actually tried getting a refund. I tried getting an exchange. I even tried offering to pay the extra. This is within two days of buying it from JB Hi Fi. For $1,500 AUD.

All they did was test it on some sort of downloadable app and claim nothing wrong - or I could send it away for three weeks to see if there’s an issue and repair it. Multiple JB refused any solutions at all. I just wanted a working iPhone.

You aren’t imagining the issues. I think I got the worst dud phone ever. I’ve had apple tech before and I loved Apple before this nightmare. Apple should be ashamed of themselves for the way this phone functions.

I actually took it to a Genius Bar and although they agreed the responsive time of the screen was off - since none of the “readings” showed anything wrong, they couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything.

So much for an Apple guaranteed there.

Yes you are right, it stutters. It’s bad. Reddit app and Safari stutters so much it originally made me motion sick. It doesn’t have a clear scroll, you have to control it so much and so hard otherwise you feel nauseous.

The Twitter app is the worst of this but the others do this too but it jumps around, the DM boxes jump around.

On Telegram and Whatsapp, I have issues with refreshing, doesn’t matter what internet I use. Both apps crash sporadically.

Candy Crush not only crashes completely but it goes black if you go out of it mid game for more than 20 seconds.

Typing. Omfg. Unless I bang type on this freaking thing, like reaaallly press hard and focus, it’s like every word or every second word is an invisible hit of enter or I go to press S and I get A or I. I’ve actually recorded my keystrokes pressing S but I appearing!

I have updated and reset this phone too many times to count.

I’ve gotten used to the heat now, but originally the phone burned so hot on the back that it physically burnt my fingers and my hands. It was excruciating. But nope, nothing wrong according to everybody else.

Swiping between the home screens, you’ve got to do it hard and have precision or you get nothing.

The issues have gotten worse over time. I was going to buy the 12. But after shit service from both companies, way too burnt.

I have to have have Siri off and 3D Touch off and a myriad of other background processes off otherwise the phone just plays up so bad.

Sometimes when I press the sleep button, it won’t go to sleep. I have to hard restart it.

The iPhone X range is only good for its graphics and maybe it’s sound. Otherwise imo it sucks - and you aren’t imagining the awful glitches.

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