irish gyms aren't inclusive or welcoming

All gyms are fat friendly, nobody inside a gym honestly gives a shit what you look like if anything when someone sees someone trying to loose weight they actually say to themselves " fair play to them ".

If you want help you can ask anyone who works there and they will help you in whatever way they can, don't be making stuff up about gyms that isn't true you are scaring yourself before you even go.

I'm skinny, I'm 30 years of age and am 8 more no less, I'm 5'8 so I'm not much of a block of a lad, I myself used to say to myself that me being skinny people will look at me or I won't be able to use any of the machines.....all bulshit I told myself.

Slap your earphones in and focus on your hour or however long of a work out you have to do and get on with it, it's not easy for people on the opposite side of the fence, being skinny can be just as bad on your mental health as being fat but I put that aside and do what I have to do to improve myself, it's simple as that.

You are making yourself out to be a a target when in reality you are just making that up in your head, ring a few gyms local to you and say to them that you have wight issues and are a bit nervous they will absolutely help you the best they can, you need to build up confidence that's what the problem is and that's what it was for me myself when I went to a public gym for the first few times.....but then you realize nobody there gives a shit they are focused on what they have to do.

Don't be hard on yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to.

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