James Harden shot 16-25 tonight, his first game where he shot over 50% from the field since Feb. 10th.

Okay. But i meant that's part of the reason he's not MVP. between the whistles he's just simply not a very efficient player. The free throws save his % and season average. He's a decent 3 point shooter, but under 45% from the field overall isn't that impressive seems how he's a drive first player. Honestly he's just not having as good of a statistical season as Curry. Thats been true even more so since the allstar break and at the very beginning of the season. Despite what you might say, Hardens not the defensive player Curry is either. Also can we please stop this "he's done more with less" argument? It's simply not true. He's done less with less. And that's what you would expect. Lets not forget the difference between the first and second seed is larger than the difference between the 2 and 8th seed. The Warriors have had a historically good regular season, meanwhile the Rockets are struggling to win as much as they did last season. Which is also to be expected without your second best player. Please stop acting like Harden only has a bunch of scrubs on his team though. Last time i saw your defense is 3rd best, even without Dwight. That's not to even mention your godly 3 point shooting and all the Morey ball players your team has the feed into that system perfectly. Honestly i think we also all know Curry is the better player, the only argument is that Harden has carried a bigger load. Obviously Harden has carried a huge load, and had some amazing games, but what Curry's body of work is more impressive. Like how do we even know that Harden has carried a bigger load? No doubt the Warriors have a better roster, but the thing that people don't seem to understand is that the reason these players are so good is because Curry makes them better. He draws more gravity than anybody in the NBA right now. Combine that with his Passing and it becomes a unstoppable combination where teammates get tons of open looks. Dray and Barnes each get 5-10 open shots a game. Same with Klay and Iggy. Without Harden the Rockets would probably be the 10th seed or so. Without Curry i doubt the Warriors would be much better than the Thunder. To back up what im saying Curry leads the league in NET rating, and is just about even with Harden on winshares. So im sure im not going to change your mind, but that's why Curry's MVP.

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