Since the NBA Referees apologized to the Lakers on January 29, 2023, the Los Angeles Lakers have the most free-throw attempts - opponent free-throw attempts by a team, with 263. Second place is Miami with 123.

The post was about FT differential which is FT attempts subtracted by opposing FT attempts. The differential is 200% higher, but that doesn’t mean 200% more attempts are being made.

There’s a difference of about 50 attempts between the Lakers and the Knicks and the Pistons.

The differential is high because Lakers play frustratingly bad defense. For each Laker game I’ve watched, I’m always dumbfounded at how incapable the team is at putting together even back to back defensive stops. I’m no NBA-level coach by any means, but I especially dislike Ham’s archaic “just let them shoot 3’s” defensive scheme. Hurts extra bad when DeMar DeRozan becomes a sniper against your team.

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