139 words 10 years ago today, LeBron James called Derrick Rose telling him he likes his game and would like to team up after getting whooped by the Celtics 170 words Chuck to Shaq: "You ain’t doing nothing everyday but smoking hookah, you need to loosen up (your knees) to smoke hookah?" Shaq: "Listen Chuck-ashi 6ix9ine..." 152 words [Dieter Kurtenbach on KD vs Steph] - For the record, I definitely favored Steph Curry, because Curry didn’t demand media fealty for his on-court greatness or, at times, project insecurities so hard as to make me feel an undefined level of uncomfortable. 212 words What’s your ranking of current centers? 171 words [Yahoo] ESPN to air "The Last Dance" uncensored, all f-bombs included 123 words What could the Heat have done differently to win the 2014 Finals? 162 words Wade: “Watching you play I thought ‘he’s (Carmelo) the number pick in the draft’, not knowing about Bron and Darko” Carmelo: “Who?” 121 words Trey Burke pushes Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Theories Amid Coronavirus Pandemic 137 words If the NBA post-season is lost, which team’s championship window suffers the most? 202 words Jared Dudley on the Clippers-Lakers rivalry: “It’s huge. It’s a good rivalry. It’s a little fun. It’s not like a serious rivalry. It’s not like they they have any banners hanging up. Trust me, I would know, I played for them.” 177 words LeBron James since the All-Star Break: 30.4 / 6.7 / 9.4 / 1 STL / 0.9 BLK / 66% TS 143 words The best starting lineup of all time discussion (on paper, in their primes) 147 words ‘There is that fear’: Jason Collins, first openly gay NBA player, on why there hasn’t been a second 190 words Rank these 23 and under players in terms of who you want as your franchise cornerstone: Booker, Trae, Ja, Tatum, Simmons, Ingram 170 words Houston’s dynamic duo shines as the Rockets stop the Celtics winning streak. Russ with 36/10/5 and Harden with 42/8/7 1,108 words [Stein] Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Damian Lillard and Klay Thompson -- they're all on the @usabasketball 44-man preliminary roster for the Tokyo Olympics just officially announced ... 129 words [Highlight] Gobert goaltending on Lillard with 9 seconds left 515 words As someone who hasn't been watching the NBA for long, how good was LeBron in his prime compared to the guys now? 529 words As someone who hasn't been watching the NBA for long, how good was LeBron in his prime compared to the guys now? 128 words [Wojnarowski] Atlanta is waiving Chandler Parsons and his expiring $25.1M contract to create roster space to complete four-team trade, league sources tell ESPN.