142 words [Neubeck] Email from 76ers fan: "There's an astrological reason why Embiid is injured or ill every year in the playoffs in April, esp when the Sun is in Taurus..." 214 words [Post Game Thread] The Phoenix Suns (4-1) eliminate the Los Angeles Clippers (1-4) in game 5 by a score of 136 - 130, behind 47 points and 10 assists from Devin Booker 240 words [StatMuse] Only player with multiple 40-point playoff games this year: 220 words [King] Malcolm Brogdon said he loves Atlanta and will always embrace his ties to the city, but suggested he was never too big on the Hawks: “Historically, these fans haven’t been the most dedicated. And that’s myself included.” 224 words [Charania] It is looking unlikely Warriors forward Draymond Green will be suspended for Game 3 vs. Kings after stepping on Domantas Sabonis when Sabonis grabbed his leg on Monday night, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. 128 words How to fix Garbage Time in the NBA 130 words [Highlight] Quin Snyder coaches a play from the sideline, then celebrates when it’s executed correctly 338 words Draymond Green expresses his thoughts on the NBPA and their handling of the new CBA 116 words [Post Game Thread] The Atlanta Hawks (38-38) defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers (48-29), 120-118. 122 words Since the NBA Referees apologized to the Lakers on January 29, 2023, the Los Angeles Lakers have the most free-throw attempts - opponent free-throw attempts by a team, with 263. Second place is Miami with 123. 120 words [Coyne] This will be Joel Embiid’s 14th missed game of the season. Just one player in NBA history has missed 12+ games and still won the MVP award that season - Bill Walton in 1977-78, who missed 24 games. 286 words Stephen Curry is now averaging less than 1 steal per game for the first time in his career 210 words [Goodwill] Does race play into MVP voting? The conversation has gotten toxic and out of hand, but consider this: the NBA posted an hourlong highlight vid of Austin Reaves' best plays. Yes, that Austin Reaves. Race is always part of the convo 182 words [Highlight] Kyrie Irving with an absolutely disgusting layup vs the Grizzlies 133 words [Zach Lowe] The league has rescinded Giannis Antetokounmpo's 10th rebound last night--and thus his triple-double, sources tell ESPN. 368 words [Slater] That's a 42-16 third quarter for the Warriors against the Clippers. +26. This comes a game after they had a 39-17 third quarter on the Timberwolves. +22. 121 words Kendrick Perkins uploaded a video on his twitter, doubling down on his take that Jokic, Nash and Dirk only won MVP because they are white before deleting the tweet 143 words [Buckner] Exclusive: Ja Morant has been accused of two additional disturbing encounters (besides the Pacers' team bus incident), which includes allegedly beating up a 17-year-old boy and pointing a gun at him. 126 words [Clancy] NBA star Ja Morant accused in police reports of punching teen, making threats 313 words Do De'aaron Fox and Ja Morant have similar levels of talent?