133 words Report: Players 'took notice' when James Dolan banned Charles Oakley from Knicks games 115 words What exactly do Devin Booker and Donovan Mitchell do that makes them significantly better than Zach LaVine? 132 words Game Threads Index + Daily Discussion (July 15, 2019) 124 words Larry Bird and Kareem are underrated by today's youth 129 words [Feigen] Rockets land Tyson Chandler to be their backup center, with Chandler agreeing to a one-year, minimum deal. They felt good about getting him, but he wanted a bit of time to consider whether to play a 19th NBA season, source said. 270 words [Wojnarowski] The Oklahoma City Thunder have agreed to trade Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul, first-round picks in 2024 and 2026, pick swaps in 2021 and 2025, league sources tell ESPN. 138 words [Wojnarowski] Thunder are playing a long-game unseen in recent NBA history: Seven additional first-round picks lined up through 2026 -- plus four pick swaps -- via deals for Paul George and Chris Paul. 171 words Zach Lowe criticizes Russell Westbrook: wouldn't give up a single asset for Russ trade, says Russ never and won't ever attract stars, says he refused to change despite OKC trying to improve the offense. Would only trade Russ straight-up for a player of Luke Kennard's caliber 127 words Is a DLO-Curry backcourt better than Harden-Cp3 backcourt? 196 words The narrative that Kawhi hasn't been tampered with, that he's pure from it all, seems untrue 158 words While we wait for his choice. How would you recruit Kawhi to your own team? 230 words I think Kawhi is kinda being an asshole 425 words [CARTER] Kawhi has not made a decision 940 words The reason Kawhi will never go to the Clippers 136 words [Kobe] Shoot? Just get the pass 208 words [Kobe] Shoot? Just get the pass 211 words fortnite bad 127 words [Ramona Shelbourne] Knicks were not prepared to offer max to KD 142 words (Effort Post) Lebron James 2012-2013 Year in Miami Could Be The Best Year In The History Of The League 134 words [Amick] As for the key question of whether the Sixers would be willing to cooperate in a possible sign-and-trade, a source with knowledge of their situation said it’s looking likely.