[Highlight] Kyrie Irving with an absolutely disgusting layup vs the Grizzlies

It's not that simple, though - he's gifted the way a H.O.R.S.E. champion should be gifted. It was an incredible play, but he shot 42% from the field, 22% from three, and was a net negative overall. He's obviously offensively skilled and the circus shots are always incredible, even on an off night like tonight. But he's still undersized and not a great defender, which forces him to play a high risk game that sometimes pays off but sometimes does not. His "skills" left him 0 for 8 in the 4th quarter with a couple fouls and a turnover. He was bricking what would have been "heat-check" threes and "disgusting" layups left and right. Kyrie is famous for the shot in the '16 finals, but without an incredibly well-rounded modern era GOAT making up for his shortcomings, he would never in a million years have even been in that position. The chances of Kyrie having at least one incredible highlight every night is really good, but unless he's playing with someone like LeBron, KD, and maybe Luka, he's basically a Harlem Globetrotter.

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