[Neubeck] Email from 76ers fan: "There's an astrological reason why Embiid is injured or ill every year in the playoffs in April, esp when the Sun is in Taurus..."

I know someone pretty well that got super into Astrology, Human Design and believes all sorts of crap. She's a pretty intelligent person. So all these astrology people aren't dumb as hell just for some perspective. She is a classic wannabe hippie that thinks vaccines are bad, but will go on "cleanses" because her body apparently cant flush out toxins, wont eat for 7 days and just do strange things. Will do all sorts of drugs without knowing where they are from. She's typical suburban white girl that has had most things handed to her in life, so she is "healing" herself from made up problems with all this crap. There's a lot of people/circles in California that are echo chambers for just insanity and dumb shit. Ever since she got into astrology, that's all she talks about. It's pretty cringe TBH

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