Jesus, real or not?

Yeshua Ben Yosef told his followers to "Turn away from Sin, to abandon Sin, to refuse to participate in the world of Sin."

Christians are too stupid to realize, Sin is the name of the ruler of Earth and the God of Jerusalem.

The reason Earth has been so cut off from other worlds is because its a quarantine/prison zone that belongs to the Sirius Empire.

This solar system is governed by a prince from the Sirius Empire, who took the title about 2-3000 years ago when he was put in charge of what was happening on this world.

That prince is Khan Sin Allah. He is the Abrahamic God, the prison warden.

He was known to the ancient Sumerians as Sin. Abraham's father Terah was a high priest of Sin in the city of Ur.

Abraham's people call their temples Sin-a-gogs for a reason.

There's a reason why Moses went to Mount SINai.

Sin=Dionysus, the second eldest son of Zeus/Enlil/Indra.

Sin has also been known as Khonsu, Dionysus, Bacchus, Izanaga, Sin, Suen, Shin, Sinai, Nanna, Nannar, Hyperion, Yah, Yahweh, and Allah.


Yeshua Ben Yosef was the reincarnation of EArth's real creator Ea/Odin/Ptah/Ahura Mazda's son, Christ Baldur/Krishna/Dumuzi.

You see before the Flood of Noah and the fall of Atlantis, humankind lived alongside the gods.

Christ walked the Earth along side them, when Christ Baldur/Krishna was killed it started a world war that lead to the destruction of Atlantis and the first Ragnarok, which lead to the Flood of Noah.

After the Flood Sin/Dionysus fought for control of EArth against his cousin, Marduk/Ra/Thor.

About 4000 years ago, Marduk/Ra/Thor staged a rebellion against the Anunnaki, chasing them off of Earth, and freeing humanity.

For about 500 years, humanity was free and quickly reached a golden age.

But then 3600 years ago, the Vanir Anunnaki of Sirius returned, lead by the general of their armies, Michael, they laid waste to most of the Earth.

This is when most of the world's deserts were created. They scorched the Earth from the Sahara to the Gobi deserts.

There is a reason why scientists claim the Sahara is less than 5000 years old, and why they find large amounts of nuclear glass in it.

They also laid waste to the Americas, scorching the Earth from the Western US down to the Chile in the south.

By the time the attack was done, humanity had been sent back into the stone ages.

It was at that point, that Anu/El of the Elohim charged Sin with retaking control of Earth, with an end goal of the year 2030, when the Gods would return to Earth.

For the last 3600 years you have been seeing Marduk/Ra/Thor working to free humanity, while Sin/Dionysus/Njord/Allah has been fighting to reenslave it.

3600 years ago, Sin/Dionysus chose a champion, Abraham, who was of the demigod bloodline of Sin, to lead the charge against the survivors of Atlantis and the Aesir.

2000 years ago, Sin/Dionysus was doing well. His mission to take control of Earth was doing well. He now had full control of the middle east/India and had taken control of Greece, and created Rome. Meanwhile, Marduk/Ra/Thor had been pushed back to just Europe and the Americas, his former stronghold in Egypt was taken from him by the followers of Sin.

Sin was behind Alexander the Great, Rome, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, and has been in control of China/Japan/Korea/Mongolia since their very creation. All the world wars were planned by him.

Marduk Ra was behind the American Revolution, The Hun's and Carthage's attacks on Rome, and was originally behind Germany at the start of World War 2, although pulled out once he realized Sin had taken full control of Germany before the end of the war.

If you study every major war of the last 3000 years, you will find one major occurrence. Every major war results in the Aesir bloodlines of Atlantis losing power, and the Vanir bloodlines of Abraham and Sin taking power.

Over the last 1000 years nearly every royal family went from having Atlantian bloodlines to being infiltrated and taken over by ancient Phoencian bloodlines. Napoleon's war pretty much finished the job for Sin, and he was able to start the next step of his plan. Using his demigod bloodline to destroy what remains of the men of Atlantis's civilizations from within.

Only one time has Sin/Dionysus truly beheld a threat to his plan.

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