I have k8 iballs working with auto hotkey as a proof of concept for a light show. First try syncing the song with the controller after getting it working.

In filming out with most of the jugglers I know of that live within a days drive from me for a review for LED balls /u/jigglybuff showed me the shield for k8 iballs that I didn't know existed.

On musicjuggling.com you can play with the interface without downloading anything. I think its pretty meh with some potential if you put work into it. But what it does allow you to do is control the balls through your computers keyboard instead of that handheld remote.

With a program like autohotkey and some tinkering you can save your keystrokes. So one playthrough to music where you have your keystrokes recorded to music. Save. Have it set up to open the music and keyboard strokes at the same time. Bam. You can make a lightshow to music just as fast as the song plays, and faster than the balls can accept new inputs. The shield is more reliable than the remote is for the balls recognizing being told to do something.

I'm more trying to put tools in jugglers toolbags than actually trying to make anything myself.

I have no idea how many shows you can actually save to the balls themselves. But this method means infinite shows saved without having to reprogram things over and over.

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