[Comic Excerpt] Tim Drake: Robin series ending at issue #10 (DC Connect #35)

Toooo many Robin’s. At most I would have went with Grayson, then Todd and finally Damian. Tim Drake seems unnecessary. I say this a someone who has just recently dived into the Batman comic lure over the last two years, but I remember saying to myself early into the dive “why are there so many Robin’s” and to this day I feel the same. Batman’s entire appeal to me originally was that he was a lone wolf, a man on a mission sacrificing a normal life of having a family and loved ones because he was completely devoted to a cause. It seems as though growing a “Bat” family some how contradicts this mentality. But I was able to appreciate the story and reasoning behind recruiting Dick Grayson, I could appreciate the character arc of Todd and the history of Bruce and Talia which led to Damian, but again Drake just seems unnecessary especially with the existence of Damian. Maybe I’m missing something but it just started to feel less of a solo hero story / journey and more of a team comic, which is what teams comics like the Titans and Justice League exist for.

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