Kris talks about how he treasures his EXO days + lack of freedom as a K-pop idol

I was a very huge EXO-L at that time and still am now. I remember feeling really heavy for about a year without the 3 of them in EXO. Honestly, I hated Kris after leaving EXO and I think EXO-Ls that time felt the same way in a way. The hype EXO had that time was unimaginable and really overwhelming. It was as if Growl is every kpoppies national anthem and it was played everywhere. And EXO was the very first group I stanned so hard that I couldn’t last a day without updates about them, it was crazy.

Everytime I hear Overdose, I still feel a bit sad and heavy. Reminds me of Kris and EXO’s Showtime. I mean, how could someone be so happy like that on EXO’s Showtime but ends up leaving the group? Kris departure was very scandalous. Every kpop site I followed were breaking down. He was even the one holding the camera of XOXO_EXOTIC ep.2 (before Overdose comeback? Correct me if I’m wrong) at that time so no one really exoected it. My FB, Twt and IG timeline were full of #WeBeliveInYouKris. My friend who was a hardcore Kris bias couldn’t even sleep for days. That’s why I can’t blame other EXO-Ls who hasn’t move on from OT12 could just forgive him like that. I know it’s very immature but the feeling of emptiness everytime you see EXO on stage without the 3 is just... sad. I don’t know, it’s just you wake up every morning feeling disappointed.

LuHan’s departure was already expected. He didn’t show up on some of their promotions. The admins in our groupchat that time already warned us about Lu and when he left, it was peaceful. Everyone accepted it because they saw it coming and what I like about it was LuHan left a message to all his fans on IG (up until now he has not deleted it). Idk I can’t explain why I don’t feel so heavy towards Lu.

While Tao, it’s a mixed feeling. Yeah, he did say a lot of things about Kris’ departure. I remember some EXO-Ls suspecting that he was soon leaving though. Call Me Maybe era, a time where EXO rose up after various of issues and then come Tao’s departure. At that point, some admins and EXO fansite gave up on them and the group as well.

You see, KrisTaoHan did not only divided the fandom into half but also affected the huge EXO fansites as well. Some couldn’t take the sadness they were feeling and left kpop as a whole for good. This is reality.

I’ve established the fact that OT12 will never ever happen again but also I know OT12 will remain the most special group in my heart. OT9 is better now and same as KrisTaoHan. They achieved very well in different paths and I’m still proud of them.

I love KrisTaoHan but Idk I really feel sensitive when it comes to Kris’ departure and still feel not so good about it. Maybe because Kris was every EXO-Ls first heartache.

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