Larcenous Mist in response to non-turn charater ability

Okay, it seems I am confused about blanking and canceling.

Situation 1: Let's consider a common scenario where a turn ability gets canceled. I am using the ability of my Mah-Jongg Parlor but an opponent cancels it with their Whirlpool of Blood. The scene goes like this: 1. I turn Mah-Jongg Parlor and pay one Power. (I don't place a counter on the Parlor yet as my opponents have the opportunity to respond to the turning of the card). 2. Opponent responds and turns his/her Whirlpool of Blood. 3. No one plays any further effect so Whirlpool resolves, canceling the Parlor. 4. There is no longer anything to resolve with the Parlor because the text is blank. I have lost 1 power. In this case both a blanking and a canceling effect would produce the same result, namely I don’t get to add a counter on the Mah-Jongg Parlor, correct?

Situation 2: I am using The Dynamic Dr. Dawson to play a Hover Tank from my Smoked Pile. 1. I Spend 3 Power; the Hover Tank coming out of the smoked pile effectively starts the scene. 2. Opponent plays Larcenous Mist --the version that cancels cards-- in response to my playing Hover Tank. Hover Tank is not in play yet 3. No further effect is added to the stack so Larcenous Mist resolves, canceling the Dawson's text. 4. This is the part that trips me but I think I figured it out. If Dr. Dawson is canceled, then the effect related to her ability is removed from the stack, as per the rulebook p. 36.

Canceling is a stronger form of blanking (32.0). In addition to having its rules text blanked, when a card is canceled, all unresolved effects it has generated in the scene (23.0) are removed from the scene when the canceling effect resolves. However, in this situation, a blanking effect would not be sufficient and the Hover Tank would resolve and be played on a legal subject character, correct? So the old school Larcenous Mist effectively counters turn abilities, but has no effect on abilities that do not require turning. Am I right?

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