Let's go!

1) The only way to achieve true equality is to take away all labels of identity by force if necessary. If people claim to not look at such labels then clearly they're not going to miss them. You're just a body with a name, your race, gender, sexuality, none of it matters, kind of like an aggressive assimilation thing. I don't think this should be half as controversial as it is, unless the whole thing was never about equality to begin with.

2) People's life choices do not grant them social immunity and discrimination based on a person's life choices, yes religion is a choice, you shouldn't get special treatment for it, should not be vilified. I'm looking at your tendency to be non-Christian oppression apologetics, LibLeft.

3) People should be allowed to be prejudiced in the personal choices they make. For example, if I don't want to date fat people that doesn't make me an unredeemable piece of shit. Just don't be a dick about it to someone's face and don't let it change how you treat everyone.

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