In a limitless world, in what ways would you use Kin?

First can we please have one tread without argument? How do you think this will look for outsiders this trowing mud all the time. It feels like kindergarden with adolescents. Please grow up, i am really getting sick of it and i am not the only one. Moderators please feel free to ban people to get the mood back up in this group. Developers are coming here and backing out because of this. I have spoken about the banning of iotaman earlier, because i thought as long as people follow the rules they shouldn't be banned and i know Kin foundation said if he is banned it was for good reason. From watching reddit for a while i believe it was for good reason and he was not following all the rules like not harrassing other members. So i was wrong and i am sorry about that. People can talk about their worries and that is ok, but trashing Kin over and over again is helping no one and just hurting Kin and with that their own investment.

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